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Dustin’ off the List….

Irony…PPI Style…..

Victor Aldrey

I love Irony. We find it everywhere. Slaps you in the face every day when you least expect it. I routinely look for irony on my Twitter feed so I can have a Daily Dose of Irony and share with those following and those that just stop by for a visit and see my page. This week I found one of the most ironic scenarios I have come across this year. The Property Preservation Industry provides a lot of irony. Irony from the Enabling Emplactors is a daily occurrence throughout the various social media platforms that cater to the Property Preservation Industry.  That said, this bit of irony I write about today really takes the cake. As a matter of fact the set of circumstances around what I shall deem “The Rant” just might take the Irony of the Year Award just because of this line by the ranting party…

…”I’m sure this will end up a screen-shot and sent to him, as well as end up on a well-known preservation blog but I’m at my wits end here”….

Make no mistake folks, that is exactly what the author of this statement wants. I do thank the author calling my blog “well-known” I’m flattered. What is troubling for me is that the rant below is made over eight hundred forty dollars. I know a paltry sum of money for many, A TON of money to one with a child at the holidays. What I find so ironic about the author of The Rant is that many years ago when people were being robbed by her employer she sat silently in her cubical collecting her paycheck while members of Labor under her watch lost their businesses, homes, credit lines and livelihoods.

Perhaps had the author of The Rant spoke up five years ago as Robert and Brittany were bilking the miss-Classified Employees of millions of dollars, the proper attention would have been directed to the infamous Offender Members of the notorious National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Perhaps, mind you just perhaps. I can remember when eight dollar haircut Kim the Spin Doctor came on board so they could milk every drop of blood from the stones they depended upon for photos so they could bilk Labor, while they sullied their clients name.  The Rant is well articulated as was an email I received from a source many years ago, you be the judge…

The Rant….

Most of you have known me for MANY years, a lot of you worked for me, or I’ve worked for you, or we’ve worked together- we’ve met in person OR maybe we’ve never met at all and become friends over talks of tarped roofs, grass cuts and winterization season. If you know me personally, you know that I am NOT in any way a malicious person, so for me to have to make this post means I’ve exhausted all other personal resources.

A well-known contractor that goes by the name of Malcolm Andrew Kidd who owns Shield Asset Management in Anderson, South Carolina owes me $840.00 for processing. I worked for him under Presentable Properties and when he branched off, I went with him. I left for a while to go to work full time for a retail chain and came back when he asked me to help because the overseas processors just were not cutting it for him. I have worked for him since November 2017 straight until last week. For the best interest of my processing and the other clients that I work for, I had to release his company from mine on 11/12/2018. I did so after at least 8 months of straight late payments. I sent reminders, 3 months of warnings about late payments and what would happen if these continued, and yet again my payment was late for November the 9th – and now for his final payment that was due 11/16. My company has a 24-hour late policy. After 24 hours, your account in placed on hold due to the several other contractors, who shall not be named at this time, used my company and then refused to pay. (Several other of my long-time clients and current clients can back this up).

I mulled over the decision and decided it would be better if we parted ways. After that email was sent, I have since been blocked from Facebook, blocked from his phone (I sent a text message politely asking for the money owed on Friday- he has not opened it or responded). I have sent 4 reminders in Google Pay that the money is still owed- each which goes directly to his email – none of which have been responded to.

Tomorrow I am heading to the IRS office, to file the SS-8 form to file taxes on my under the table earnings from Shield Asset Management. This will launch an investigation into his company and into each one of his employees working for him, past and present, as to why taxes are not being paid nor are they registered as 1099 contractors. An email will be going out to all his current/former clients as well (those details which I will not disclose here on social media) with proof of all the things I am emailing over. It appears that I will also be forced to go ahead and seek any means necessary to obtain my earnings, which all could have been avoided if the money owed had just been paid.

I seriously regret having to do any of this, and if you know me personally you know it takes A LOT to push me to this point. I have tried to be civil, professional and an over all decent human being and a so-called “friend” for over 6 years. It’s just sad that a friendship/business relationship cannot end cordially – but after him telling/bragging to me more than once he owes the over seas processors well over $1,000 and he won’t pay them because there’s nothing that they can do about it, I just cannot take that chance. I have a family to support, food to put on my table, and this is one of the ways that I do it, which is slowly dwindling down to making me regret helping anyone more and more.

I’m sure this will end up screen-shot and sent to him, as well as end up on a well-known preservation blog, but I’m at my wits end here, and short of driving 6 hours back to South Carolina, there’s not much more I can do. I am not looking for anyone else to slander him, say anything bad about him or his business, etc. This is NOT personal towards him or his family as we considered them great friends for a long time, this is just business. And right now, with us living off my income alone, $840.00 means a lot more than it does to most. Especially right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I do not want anyone else to fall into this trap as it seems that there are at least 2 companies right now that are owed.

Happy Sunday!

**His email is blocked because I don’t need anyone emailing him anything malicious and it’s not my email to give out- and I refuse to be one of those people who stoops to that level. **

Yes irony….when you least expect it.

So this week’s Watch List inductee has to be Malcom Andrew Kidd the owner of Shield Asset Management of Anderson, South Carolina for the sum of $840.00 and the fact that I have a well-known Preservation Blog. Now if only those owed thousands and thousands of dollars would buck the %$FT%^ up and speak out also…..

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Good Food Good Life…Recipe of the Week

Cranberry Sauce…..My Way


This week’s recipe, a Thanksgiving Family Favorite…one of my own…



2 pounds fresh Cranberries

1 cup Brown Sugar

3/4 cup cane sugar

2/3 cup water

Pinch of each powders




Juice from one each

Orange, Lemon, Lime

Place in 6 quart sauce pot…notice its always 6 quarts????


On lowest heat possible cook with lid until boils. Stir occasionally for about 6 hours or desired thickness.

Garnish with zest of citrus fruits.


Recipe & Photographs: Aaron Aveiro

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

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