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Fury Learning: Education for the Property Preservation Industry.

I have linked an article at Foreclosurepedia to this article as I feel one of the biggest issues in the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) is unqualified, knowledge lacking, and unskilled individuals running around assisting in the rock bottom fee structure in the PPI. As many of you know I worked in conjunction with Paul Williams over at Foreclosurepedia to help found the National Property Preservation Guild  (NPPG). When it appeared to me that the NPPG wanted to move the organization into a different dirrection that what I had envisioned (story for another time), I resigned as I felt I could be of better service advocating for the Contractors in a much better manner than the NPPG planned to do.

However prior to this event I worked very hard to develop an Educational Program for the NPPG as my thoughts about the fee structures are this…In order to be able to ask and expect to be paid top dollar you must have a in depth knowledge of the industry, laws in your local municipalities and most of all you need to be compitent in your ability to complete the services that are required in the PPI.

Back in 2011 over on LinkedIN Rob Preston was doing what many of us professionals do, shameless self promotion, he was pushing his education model for the industry. Just having gotten a first hand dose of people scamming the industry folks not in the know sort of speak, I blasted him, blasted him hard. Then I reviewed his material and found myself cleaning the egg off my face. When I started to develop the education program for the National Property Preservation Guild  I immediately thought of my encounter with Rob Preston and wondered if hey, will he even talk to me after the big production I made to attempt to discredit him??? Having nothing to lose I decided to contact Mr. Preston, Here is the resulting interview article I wrote for the NPPG and published on LinkedIN  back in April 12, 2013.

In 2011 we had a tremendous workload and we needed to increase manpower. Doing what comes natural to most business owners when this happens we ran some ads for help. One respondent stood out above all the others…Seems this gal had written a “how to” book on the Property Preservation Industry and just knew she would be a good fit with our organization. Since I only have an administrative role and anyone working for our company is representing someone else I had to find out why if this gal’s company was so good how come she was not receiving work from any of the clients we had in the area as we were overloaded. Well turns out this gal’s company couldn’t pass a QC inspection and they had been released by every national there is….So for some time I was always skeptical of anyone writing books on the industry.
In 2012 when Rob Preston announced the release of his first edition of property Preservation & Mortgage Field Services Training Guide, well naturally I was somewhat apprehensive. However, that did not stop me from blasting Rob for having his hand out for a piece of the rapidly shrinking revenue pie of the Property Preservation Industry. Did I ask Mr. Preston how he gathered his information? Did I ask Mr. Preston where his qualifications to write a book came from? Did I ask anything other than “What makes you so special you think you can sell us your drivel and separate us from our monies”???? Embarrassingly no…
Yesterday Rob Preston was gracious enough to overlook my antics from a year ago and allowed me the privilege of an interview on behalf of the National Property Preservation Guild in regards to his second publication for the Property Preservation Industry.
Rob has been in the involved in the industry on many levels since 1995. He brings a plethora of skills from 16 years of experience, learned knowledge and dedicated work with him to the typewriter. Was Rob satisfied with writing a book? Most people would settle for the success that Rob has had as a first time counterparts, in addition can give you an edge on the lazy employee as you now can respond you didn’t look in the manual? Combine this with the testing element and you have a way to not only provide continuing education for yourself and your company but you also have a vehicle for keeping your employees or subs current with industry information.
We all know things change rapidly in the business world. One of the changes I do see happening in our industry is regulation. Folks it is time we come together. Do yourself a favor and give this publication a look-see. As something tells me you may very well be looking at the future of the industry…
For all those whom may think I’m all knowing in this industry…well Rob invited me to take one the industry tests…89%…I’ll be in the library studying if anyone needs me…author who took this route out of frustration with the industry. Instead Rob believed that if the working class members, the group of people that we have fondly dubbed “Boots on the Ground”, yes those like you and me that work this industry to put food on the table, Rob believed that in order for some of the issues to be resolved that it would have to come from the Boots on the Ground coming together in a concerted effort via education. With that Rob developed testing, with procedures that one would find when taking any sort of test that was proctored for legitimizing certifications. He further went on to assist a national organization with their testing programs for recruiting new contractors. However, the main reason that Rob has gone to the extents he has is because like many of us Rob feels that the industry is lacking consistency. With the manual combined with testing in a continuing education format perhaps some consistency will come to replace today’s complacency.
So now that we’re all warm and fuzzy let’s talk about the 125 page 2013 edition of the Property Preservation & Mortgage Field Service Training Manual. This year’s addition is now a Paperback and has a condensed 75 page pocket reference manual for those of you who may want to have something in your trucks for that forgetful field supervisor you have…In addition the training manual references several links to “How-to” videos, for example in the section for pool covering the links takes you to the manufacturers web site of the pool cover company and you may view their production for their product, another example is in the rekey section you can click the link and you’ll be whisked to Lowes for their presentation of how to change a lock. Throw in some photographs, blue print style illustrations, diagrams and drawings and the “Newbie” is miles ahead of the game compared to 5 years ago. As now the Newbie has a list of required equipment for the industry, a detailed description and step by step instruction to complete services like winterizations, picking locks, etc. I had to ask about including “picking locks” playing on the side of caution, would this be considered a trade secret? Could this be construed as providing instruction for illegal activity? Rob investigated this prior to placing what some would consider “sensitive” information in his publication. Since this is an educational tool…I’m happy to inform you we are not burglars in training!!!!!
So what makes Rob’s book worth a look-see? I like the fact that not only is the product set up that any of your organizations field supervisors can use it and teach from the manual. Plus the condensed 75 page version handy pocket reference for the vehicles gives your company a little bit of an edge over your


I believe most know that I feel that the use of the term “Contractors” in the PPI is a misnomer. I base that on the fact I have a slight understanding of the difference between an Independent Contractor and an Employee. Make no mistake about this folks, there is currently a HUGE tax base out here in the PPI that will be looked at as things start to move forward, yes I’m referring to regulation creeping into the PPI. Sorry but I believe it is inevitable and unlike many that wish to place their heads in the sand and pretend that all is warm and fuzzy because regulation is not something they want, we have gotten our company in front of things . One of the ways NPOM  have made the Independent Contractors employees…buy demanding they partake in a specific organizations education model. Understand as an Independent Contractor you can not be forced into something without being given a choice. Demanding you take an organization testing and education is one of the many steps the NPOM have taken to systematically strip the spirit of the Independent Contractor rules and regulations from the industry, I believe the NPOM  disguise this by calling issues “mandatory requirements”. It is funny how small company’s will accept a “mandatory requirement” that raises their overhead with out question, and scream bloody murder when the subject of “regulation” is brought up,  But enough, as that is a story for another time.

I’m not going to get into other education models offered in the industry, well the only other I know of is an overpriced model with the organization NAMFS, which I have reservations about as they wish to certify people and have no qualifications to do so. I also know of another company I believe involves  SIRS, not real sure on pricing but again the big “C” word is used, certification. Not real big on the use of that term as it would indicate you have some sort of degree or your organization has been accredited and acknowledged as a higher learning institution, IMHO.

However in closing I will say this should you need to get in front of the “educationally qualified” buzz that is taking the PPI by storm consider Mr Prestons FuryLearn package. The price will not break the bank and you return on investment will be much safer than playing the stock market…

For more detailed examination of the training and education issues currently going on in the PPI follow the link below.



Have a great day everyone…and let’s be safe out there.


Is Monsanto a Monster??? Article by Guest Writer Donald E. Lewis

As I get more and more into the organic farming and wanting to know more about the food I consume, this company Monsanto continues to come up. They have been around since 1901, founder, John Francis Queeny, did one of those touchy feely things and named his company after his wife’s maiden name…sorta gets you all choked up huh???? But the more we hear of the actions of this company the more terrifying the company becomes. The following article is by a gentleman and fellow organic farmer in Goode, Virgina. Donald has been around a touch more than I and he has seen first hand the progression this company has made into what many view, as their quest to dominate the worlds food supply…In fairness here have been a few good things that Monsanto has done…but the more we see the skin of the onion peeled away the uglier things becomes….

Is Monsanto a Monster…well that’s for you to decide…

11/22/2012           Monsanto is the Monster of our Unhealthy Food Production

 ** Monsanto and Monster start with Mons. Let’s break Monsanto in two sections. The Webster’s Dictionary for Monster one word of many descriptions is Monstrous. This fits Monsanto perfectly. The Dictionary word Santonin is poisonous and all so fits Santo perfectly. I am playing on words. Monsanto plays on the visible. I am going back 1600 years and here is a script from the Creed. I believe in one God Father almighty maker of Heaven and Earth and all things visible and invisible. I jump ahead to eighty years ago and Chemical Fertilizer was introduced. Before that all crops were done by the Organic method but not recognized as such. It was the Natural way of growing the Worlds food. Following I am going to explain my facts and theories of what the visible has done to our soil and our health. I am not a Scientist but an old Organic Farmer from the 1950’s where I learned from observation and logic. I am still learning and am very concerned as to what the Monster (Monsanto) is promoting and taking humanity to the brink of disaster. My theme is the SOIL is the LIFE BLOOD of the EARTH and all FOOD come from the SOIL—FOOD and HEALTH in this ORDER.

** I remember as a youngster that Super Phosphate was first used on my Grandfathers and my Dads farm. What a display of green grass and not a thought of why. There was not any mention from the chemical companies that the 20% super phosphate with Sulfuric acid made it 100% available from rock phosphate. A stimulant that the plants liked is not natural.

 ** Next came the Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash all very visible when the plants are stimulated with the big three and very impressive. It was in 1949 I noticed killing of the Earthworms along the corn rows just planted. Hot acid fertilizer will do this. It also burns the plants small hair roots and they never recover. The roots are invisible but not a concern as long as the dirt will anchor the plants and feed it stimulants. They can grow plants in dirt which is dead with no life. Soil has living micro organisms by the billions not visible. The earthworms are visible but ignored by the chemical advisers. NPK is over riding all other element in the soil that makes plants healthy.

 ** Next promotion was Herbicides to kill the weeds. The weeds were promoted by the Chemical Fertilizers. I used the Herbicides one year in 1949 and never again. We made our own sprayer and over applied on the end of the rows. We had a rainbow on the ends where legumes would not grow the next year and after. I went to a Farmers meeting and the Agronomist was pushing Herbicide. I asked: I know it kills the weeds but what about the life in the soil that makes plant food we do not see. (invisible) His answer in six to seven weeks it will dissipate. I said that is most of my growing season in Vermont and how do you know. It is a hormone that grows the plants with a stimulant that busts them and they die. It does not all go on the plants and ends up after years in the water and food supply. Agent Orange is a good example of the danger to Humans. I understand that the Monster is bringing back to the Farms because the roundup it not working as some weeds develop immunity to it. There is a killer pig weed that is costing Farming millions in revenue. EPA and the FDA is going to allow this but stop the Organic movement at every chance possible. –What sorry agencies we have in Washington. I read in this Months (January 2013) Progressive Farmer Article. The Farmers are in school to learn how to use the new Herbicide. The sprayers have to be set just right as over application can be a problem. This is a real safe and progressive movement. Here comes Agent Orange.

 ** Now the insecticides for insect control that was caused by Chemically stimulated unhealthy plants. Insects will attack the sick plants. Survival of the fittest is Mother Nature’s way to control weakened plants. I have proof in my Garden that this is true. I packed the soil on the end of my potato patch with my tractor. The potato bugs riddled the two hills where the ground was packed down and unable to breathe. Not a potato bug on the other plants. I see pictures of monster tractors and equipment traveling the fields that pack the soil to hard dirt. They then shallow till or no till and feed the plants stimulants in Chemical Fertilizer. Use Herbicide to control weeds and insecticides to control insects. Spray chemicals to control diseases like blight. All caused by Chemicals from Monsanto. (Monster)

 ** The previous cycle was not enough. What a cycle Monsanto (Monster and Poison) has put the Farmers and Gardeners in. In the mean time was Hybrid by cross breeding the plants which are sterile and against Mother Nature’s life cycle of reproduction. The cross breeding had to be done by detaseling one of the open pollinated verities by hand.

 ** The labor was to costly so Monsanto tried to do a procedure of killing the male sperm and had a failure. There was a blight that went all the way from the North to Florida. Not any public knowledge of

 ** The preceding took a long time for point of no return with the Chemical Fertilizer to end up polluting the water ways. The Chesapeake Bay is costing the Fishing Industry 30 million a year in lost revenue. The public is being told it is cow manure and other contamination. Not one mention about the millions of tons of water soluble NP that leaches with the water to the Bay. I have commented on this in other posts. Insects and weeds are getting immune to the sprays. This is also a long point of no return. All of this caused our soil to be unhealthy and our plants to be unhealthy. It is passed up the Food Chain to

 ** Now we have Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) that is to combat all of the preceding failures. This is a short point of no return. I call the Scientists and Researchers test tube Farmers. They just as well have no soil. The Soil is the Life Blood of the Earth and all Food comes from the Soil – Food and Health in this Order. The test tube farmers have turned our soil to dirt. It is impossible to outdo what Mother Nature has blessed us with for Millions of years. The GMO food is causing more and more diseases in Humans and Animals than the preceding quotes. I know all the above can be done and is very impressive which is very good to know. I also know how to jump off a cliff but logic tells me what the end results will be. Monsanto (Monster) is pushing all Humanity off the cliff and have to be stopped. The problem is the Monster has made billions swindling the public and our EPA, FDA, USDA and all the Government policy makers. There are thirty Five Monsanto Lobbyists in Washington DC. Most all environment committees related to Agriculture include Monsanto connections.

** I will not stop here without giving my concerned opinion on what we can do to bring our soil back to life. It is all related to recovering the Organic Matter. This is where the Life and Health of the soil is possible. Of course it can-not all be Organic either but this is what has been lost by poisoning our soil. There has been billions of dollars spent on Global Warming and now Global Change. How come the history of the report only went back sixty years? Heck I am older than that and I can remember bad storms and extra hot weather and extra cold weather in Vermont. Not any money spent on the soil of how to best use it for healthy humanity. Yes allot spent on erosion that has been caused by chemicals that poison. It will take years to get back to normal soil usage as our ancestors did without Chemicals. It can be done by piece meal. But it will be difficult to mix the two as we may have gone too far. My question is what will happen if the GMO fails and we run out of Phosphorous in thirty years as predicted? It is time to start working toward the Organic method. I can get all elements in my gardens without chemicals. I have soil test taken in September 2011 to prove it. My confusion is now we can do without Phosphate as there is enough in the soil already. In the 1940’s and many years after the cow manure needed super phosphate to make it worth spreading. The Dairy Farmers would sign up for it through the Government Extension Serves at reduced cost. The times change as I have read by an expert that we do not need phosphorous as there is enough in the soil. The cows have so much NP in their manure it is polluting the water ways. They have changed as I mention previously the manure was low in NP. The Obama Administration is monitoring the Chesapeake Bay pollution with two Monsanto reps on the committee. The committee contradicted themselves in a report in July. Honesty and logic has been lost and replaced with greed. We are still burning our corn as ethanol another big swindle that is not renewable. The GMO corn and the Ethanol is costing the Dairy Farmers and all corn feed animals millions to feed. The GMO is causing a big health problem. Also the farmers are paying over two hundred dollars an acre for seed. Is this progress and logic? It is a swindle and a big failure. I have proof that all the elements for good plant growth are available to us naturally. The soil tests I took last September 2011. Have all the elements for good plant growth with 9.6% Organic Matter. The Nitrogen is free from the 78% in the atmosphere. Just recently I came across an Article about synthetic nitrogen. It was published three years ago and never public. Three Illinois Scientists found that synthetic nitrogen burns up the carbon in the soil and releases it as CO2. This is the carbon dioxide that is suppose to cause Global Warming (Climate Change). The Farmers and Public is being swindled by our Government and the big Agriculture Chemical Companies for Greed over Humanity.

 ** Monsanto has not stopped yet. I just read the article Food Democracy, Now about Ascpartame is a  sweetener that is added to milk. They have ruined the soil which is not enough so I guess that was not a powerful enough killer. They are getting more and more evil every day.

 ** Summary— I have many more reason why Organic is superior over Chemical Agriculture and Gardening. I have tried for some time now to get Agriculture Colleges doing Organic research with 15M USDA grants interested in my book starting 60 years ago. I have been reprimanded from a Professor that was just the grants writer. The other Colleges never corresponded. They used the money to get farmers to do Organic Research. There were 88 farmers started the program and only 1 completed. The FFA gets thousands of dollars to do essays on chemical farmers programs for prize money sponsored by Monsanto. (Monster) Some FFA chapters have wanted to start experimenting with Organic and the higher officials say a flat NO. Money is the route of all evil, I have heard and this is a great example. Most all the Organic movement is infiltrated with Monsanto connections. I will include evil with Monster  to describe Monsanto. We are swindled to believe we can-not feed the world with Organic methods.Logic tells us it is not true. Yes it takes more work but saves our soil. Where did all our healthy Forests continue to grow? There the tree leafs is the organic matter. Agriculture travels so far with the big Dairy factory farms the Organic matter never returns to the soil. (The Cow Manure). The plants only take 10% of growth from the soil and the produce a fraction of this. Cover crops can replace some of this if plowed in but with no till and swallow till I wonder. Chemical Fertilizer has been over loaded onto the Farmers for years and the billionaire Chemical Companies have billionaire salesman from selling Farm.

 I have read in the June National Geographic an Article by Dan Charles that is very disturbing and more reason to go Organic. The title is Our Fertilized World. Monsanto is more of a Monster all the time Mr. Charles has traveled the World and found that there is 1OO million tons of synthetic nitrogen spread on the planet every year. It is suppose to improve the soil fertility which is not true. The nitrogen burns up the carbon in the soil (Organic Matter) and releases it as CO2. This is Green House gas that causes global warming. He states that 70% of the global warming is caused by this. Not one word to the public as it going to hurt the wealthy Chemical companies that have no respect for Humanity. Also 35 lobbyists in Washington can persuade many politicians and the USDA. The Government is no longer for the people of the people. Instead it is for the sorry people in our Government that are running it into the ground. The Article is well worth reading. He writes that Agriculture should be taken out of the Chemical Laboratories and returned to the Farmers and the Fields. I call them test tube Farmers.

** I am ending with a passage from the Lord’s Prayer over 2000 thousand year ago. It is the most said prayer in the world. “It is thine Kingdom (GOD) and the Power (JESUS) and the Glory forever and ever Humanity)”. This is my interruption and it fits Organic perfectly.

Donald E. Lewis P. O. Box 122 Goode VA 24556 learnedbythefencepost@hotmail.com

I thank Donald for sharing his views with us. From time to time we will feature a guest writer on commentary n the various trades and fields our company is involved with. If you’f like to be a guest writer on our page drop us a line..

Here is a link to a You Tube video production the Paul Williams over at Foreclosurepedia steered me to If you’d like to hear some more about this company take some time to watch and listen to this video…


Until next time Happy Gardening…



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