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Monsanto Trial(s) Update

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December 1, 2018

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Next Monsanto Trial Begins February 2019

We have updated our Monsanto Roundup Trial Schedule page as some trial dates have changed.

We have also added a quick list of all trials in date order at the top of the page (which I’ve also included below).

Upcoming Monsanto Trial Dates

02/25/2019 – Federal Court – Hardeman
03/18/2019 – CA JCCP – Pilliod (2 plaintiffs)
04/01/2019 – St. Louis City Court – Hall
04/22/2019 – St. Louis County Court – Gordon
05/25/2019 – Federal Court – Stevick or Gebeyehou
09/09/2019 – St. Louis County Court – 4 plaintiffs
01/21/2020 – St. Louis City Court – 10 plaintiffs
03/23/2020 – St. Louis City Court

Monsanto Trial Updates Day 14 & 15

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Today, Monsanto calls expert witness Dr. Lorelei Mucci, a leading cancer epidemiologist from Harvard, to do her own assessment of the epidemiology that she finds most compelling in addressing association between glyphosate and NHL. Monsanto has her spend an unusually long time explaining in detail how one determines the strength of an epidemiological study. She also describes, very clearly on that jumbo notepad, how to understand the statistical methods behind those determinations.

This classroom component visibly turns lights on in the heads of many members of the jury, and I believe some begin to comprehend the epidemiological studies in a much more sophisticated way. Mucci is a highly gifted teacher. What is concerning is that with the jury’s fresh ability to understand how to really read a study, Monsanto is able to spoon feed their relevant epidemiology in a visual format commensurate with the way in which Mucci taught.

Defense masterfully delivers free education, and the tools and analytical frameworks that they teach dovetail oh so conveniently with the arguments that they make for and against the studies that link glyphosate to cancer. It’s just like Microsoft’s strategy: We’ll give you Windows for free, but it will be hard to run anything by Apple.

With that, on to an A+ expert testimony. I’m going to do a deeper dive today, just because the game plan was so well executed by Monsanto. We all should know about it, like it or not. Rest assured that by the end of the day, I deem the Direct and Cross a wash.  No worries.

Read rest of Day 14 Here



The courtroom itself is rather bland, but it is host to quite a grand event when a witness is called. The witness stands outside of the courtroom until officially invited to come up to the bench. It reminds me of a bridal procession, watching someone enter through the double doors in the back of the courtroom, step down the isle of the viewing section, meander in front of the jury, and step up to the witness box. I often wonder if people ever trip – particularly since any normal person would be nervous. Maybe that embarrassing spectacle is on reserve for me if I am ever an expert witness in a trial.

Today, Mr. Griffis calls expert witness Dr. Warren Foster and we all look towards the door. A tall, corporatey-looking man brazenly struts in through the double doors and all eyes are on him. Alas, he is a merely a decoy and takes his seat in the Monsanto crowd. A few moments later, Dr. Foster walks in, quite the opposite of brazenly. He looks much more like the visiting scientist; this must be the guy.

Dr. Foster emerges from the double doors slowly, staring straight ahead, and walking with short, deliberate paces and an overly-upright posture. Because I’m in the aisle, I get an up-close view of his very long, blonde and gray ponytail that is pulled together in a Goody brand hairband. The strands look highlighted, though I can’t imagine this particular man going to such aesthetic lengths. He wears a suit and tie, with a pin of some kind on his lapel. Throughout the day, I try to read what that pin says – but I begin to look like a crazy lady in staring intently at his chest. So, I’ll just conclude that it is a pin from an organization that he thinks is neat.

At home, I can imagine him in the academic uniform of choice: mockturtleneck, high-waisted Levis with a braided leather belt, and well-worn Birkenstocks or non-name-brand white running shoes. But on this big day, he looks sharp! He also seems like a really nice guy.

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Come back later this week when I’ll write about Bulone Enterprises PPC & Tyrrell Creek F arm

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